Are you craving a vacation that is also a fresh start? Nowadays there are far too many overworked, stressed, digitally dependent and exhausted people – and as a result, many people are seeking travel experiences that reset and transform them back to feeling centered and present. We create balanced vacations that empower you to create spacechange habits, enjoy cultural adventures, learn culinary wellness and most importantly, have a truly unique travel experience that will encourage sustainable self-care in your everyday life.


Wild Wellness Travel was created as a passion project inspired by years of travelling the world to find the ideal mixture of travel and wellness. Our company offers holistic life experiences, meaning that when planning your adventure, we consider all aspects of your journey. From top notch accommodation, whole foods and education, exercise, meditation, and cultural immersions. We help to guide you on your path to optimal wellness and enjoyment.


wellness retreats

Wonder what kind of adventures await you? 
We offer luxury wellness travel experience for health-focused guests keen to revitalize their mind, body and soul.

retreat planning

Wild Wellness Travel offers a 3 month program with 6 one on one Skype sessions that allows you to build and design your own signature retreat. Click the photo for more information. 

wellness coaching

The ultimate goal - 90 days to ritual and freedom. For details visit the coaching page.

corporate retreats

Let us show you how! We assess and work closely with your team to develop a life-changing retreat and wellness program.

yoga teacher training

Live the life you love and inspire others through yoga teaching and inspiration.