Cait Fraser

Founder of Wild Wellness Travel & Co-Founder of Wanderwell

Cait’s vision and drive has been fueled by having the freedom to travel the world. This now California based coach, business owner and entrepreneur builds programs to help her clients grow through developing skills to create a balanced life. Travel is the best cure in times of need, whether it be exploring beautiful and exotic places around the world, or embarking on meditative journeys to the infinite recesses of your mind and soul. I have spent my life traveling both inward and outward, and have created a business intended to help others discover who they really are, and how through developing the right mindset they can work toward constantly living their best selves. 

I am a Certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. My programs have evolved from not just health coaching but to working closely with my clients in terms of mindset and creating a unique ritual combined manageable ways to achieve your personal, professional and health goals.

The idea behind starting my first company Wild Wellness travel was to converge the rejuvenating aspects of luxury and wellness travel into a truly transformative experience. Our experiences offer the chance to indulge the body, mind, and soul by focusing on cultural involvement, exercise, stress reduction, culinary education and spiritual connection. This vision evolved into becoming the Co-Founder of Wanderwell, a company that works with luxury properties all around the globe to infuse wellness components into their world class amenities. Our hope is to create vacation opportunities that provide truly lasting benefits, on top of the indulgent pampering that you deserve.

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