Alyson Charles, Rockstar Shaman

You know when you meet someone and they fill you with light without saying a word. Then when the words dance out, it’s nothing short of transformational - like a language reserved only for you. That’s Alyson Charles.

This gorgeous creature is one of the spiritual powerhouses, alongside Nikki Sharp and Fern Langham, that will be guiding our guests during our Total Wellness Made Sexy Retreat August 21-25 at the The Four Seasons Resort Hualalai.

You will immerse in a magic of both the powerfully potent healing energies of the land and the vast spiritual and healing connection of Alyson. You will experience liberation from old fears, blocks and energetic stagnation and return to a balance and peace as you powerfully shift into your wholeness. Reflecting on what you’re there to do and a re-connection to the place within that allows you to fully thrive.

This high-vibrational world will leave with an amplified and massively uplifted energy, gifted with clarity and tools to carry forth in daily practice. Give yourself permission to bust through to the area of living that provides miracles far beyond what you ever thought possible.

We invite you to join us on this fantastic journey.

For more info on the Total Wellness Made Sexy Retreat August 21-25 click HERE!




Self-Care: Habits for Wellbeing

Self-Care: Habits for Wellbeing

Self-care is a fundamental pillar of the Wild Wellness Travel philosophy, and an essential component of health & wellness. Without care for one’s self, there is nothing left to offer others.

What is self-care exactly? If you’re new to the practice, you might think self-care is the lesser-known Care Bear from the popular 80s cartoon. We’d tune in for that! However, self-care is actually a learned, purposeful and continuous practice - with the goal of preventing stress and ailments, while nurturing your spirit.

Every self-care practice is unique to the individual. That’s the beautiful thing! You can design your own version according to what fills your cup.

Meditation, mindful eating, adequate rest, positive thoughts & affirmations, physical movement (yoga! yoga! yoga!), personal grooming, interaction & integration with nature, and an element of play – these are some of the self-care components that we strive for.

While we recognize the importance of everyday practice, we wholeheartedly believe that taking time to fully envelope yourself in wellness is critical to reboot and rebalance. This complete immersion is what inspires us when designing each and every retreat.

We carefully select celebrated instructors and practitioners to guide you on your journey of care and cultivation of self in a comprehensive sense – with exclusive opportunities to work one-on-one.

Our unique five pillar formula is unparalleled in the luxury wellness community, providing our guests with exclusive insights that will support your everyday practice.

We invite you to join us on a journey to greatness.

Other people will sacrifice health for material goals. But it all catches up to you one day and health is the priceless commodity that cannot be begged, borrowed, bought or traded. Your life and health are a statement of your self-worth.

~ Kino MacGregor

Summer Wellness Contest!

Capture a moment of wellness. #RUsummerWWT

Welcome yogis, health & wellness advocates and Zen-like creatures! We want to know - what does wellness look like to you? Is it a nourishing meal, your favourite meditation spot, mindful movements & expressions? A blissful combination of everything? 

At Wild Wellness Travel, we recognize the importance of a regular wellness routine. We also encourage wellness-seekers to step out of their everyday regimen to pause and realign. The summer season is ideal to reboot and reflect - and we have just the thing!

Introducing our Summer Wellness Contest!


Show us what wellness means to you – in a photo!

Snap a photo of your favorite yoga expression, bountiful breakfast, breathtaking meditation view or whatever fills your cup. Creativity is key!

Post the photo on Instagram or Facebook and tag #RUsummerWWT @WildWellnessTravel @RetreatsUnlimited

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A 5-day Total Wellness Made Sexy Retreat with lifestyle guru Nikki Sharp & wellness expert Fern Langham!

Located at the gorgeous Four Seasons Resort Hualalai - Hawai‘i Island’s only Forbes Five Star and AAA Five Diamond hotel.

Valued at $5,586 USD!

Brought to you by Retreats Unlimited and Wild Wellness Travel.

* This retreat does not include round-trip airfare, incidentals such as souvenirs, additional tours not part of the itinerary, and spa treatments.


Each week, entries will be shortlisted by fan favorites. The more likes the better! Tell your friends to like your photo entry.

The winner will be selected by our Zen-like panel of judges:

@nikkisharp @fernolivia @drnikkistarr @rockstarshaman @millanasnow @seanphelpslife @zax_fit

Important bits:

Submissions close August 8th, 2016.

6 Finalists announced: August 12th, 2016.

Winner announced: August 14th, 2016.

Entering this contest signifies that you have read the rules, terms and conditions and have agreed to them.

Voting is only part of the process; a judge or panel of judges will determine the final winner. If fraud is suspected, Wild Wellness Travel has the right to determine the winner.



Terms and Conditions click HERE!

Let's celebrate Global Wellness Day Everyday

I bet that if you’re like me when you think of wellness and what you need to do to be “well” you think, “I need to eat better” followed by “I need to go the gym” followed by massive feelings of guilt because you are doing neither of those things.


As the 3rd Annual Global Wellness Day (June 11) approaches I started to think what does wellness really mean?

I think when we think wellness, our mind immediately goes to the physical, and I mean the superficial physical. It’s all about being thin if you’re a woman, or buff if you’re a man. Sure we want to be healthy and free of disease, but most of us are more concerned about how we’re going to look at the beach this summer. If we look great in our suit, we must be well. Right?



Wellness is about so much more than how we look. In fact, wellness is so much more than the physical. I can be a size four and able to run a 10K and to the outside world, I am the poster child for wellness, but if I’m a stress ball, sleep four hours a night, rely on coffee to power through my day and am dealing with a turbulent marriage, am I really well?

Hmmm, maybe I’m not as healthy as I think.

I realized that there is a difference between looking good and being well, and also a difference between fitness and wellness.

Looking good, being fit, eating well and feeling centeredand balanced are all components that make up wellness. To be well, you need to have them all. Ugh, now it’s about even more than just getting my butt to the gym and choosing a salad with light dressing for lunch!

Because wellness is composed of so many things, it’s hard to find only at a gym, or only at a spa, that is why a wellness retreat is so beneficial.


At a wellness retreat, like those offered by my company Wild Wellness Travel and our partner Retreats Unlimited, programming is offered to address all the different aspects of wellness. There are yoga classes that work the body while calming the mind, fitness classes and hiking to get your heart rate up and torch calories, meditations to bring balance, spa treatments to soothe sore muscles and healthy food to fuel your body and your moods. While Wild Wellness Travel retreats are usually focused on a theme, they all offer elements for every component of wellness. And most importantly, they provide tools for you to take home so you can continue the wellness journey.


As we celebrate Global Wellness Day, I invite you to think about what wellness really is and if you’re as well as you want to be. And if you want to use Global Wellness Day as the day you commit to becoming well, I invite you to check out the special early booking discounts Wild Wellness Travel and Retreats Unlimited has on all of their retreats.

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The Quiet Call to Colorado

Watch the sun slowly creep over stately peaks of granite and sandstone, gradually warming them to their soothing shades of amber and ochre. You can already feel the hustle and bustle of your day to day life slipping away, letting you relax into a wellness retreat at Gateway Canyons Colorado. Gateway Canyons Resort & Spa sooths the soul with outdoor activities, relaxing spa experiences and luxurious accommodations, all while keeping to their environmentally friendly views.

Gateway is located on Unaweep /Tabeguache Colorado Scenic Byway, a long and winding road, leading you into a lush green valley surround by vast, rock outcroppings. This rugged landscape lends itself well to a wide array of outdoor adventure awaiting you at Gateway Canyons. From kayaking, hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking to fishing and skeet shooting there is something to entice every wild spirit within. With Unaweep Byway being a favorite scenic route for motorcycle and car clubs,

Gateway Canyons boast an auto museum, featuring almost 60 American automobiles from every era. The restorative powers of the surrounding nature infiltrate the resort itself with its southwestern adobe style buildings. Gateway Canyons offers a variety of luxury accommodations, all with a stirring view.

It’s warms the heart to know that Gateway Canyons is a strong ambassador of their eco system and preserving the open space around them. Gateway Canyons practices energy conservation by utilizing a variety of alternative and sustainable energy sources, such as geothermal heating and cooling for the pool and spa. This sustainable mindset is carried on to Gateway Canyons’ restaurants, where they use as much local produce as possible, keeping the cuisine clean, nutritious and delicious.

Join Renee Diamond this month, June 22-26 a DiamondFit Yoga and Hiking Retreat.

The great outdoors has immense healing potential. This retreat will reconnect us to that power and strengthen the body and mind, revealing our authentic selves. Renee Diamond has been a part of the wellness community for over 30 years. She is the creator of DiamondFit, which is a thoughtfully designed yoga program, using yoga, strength training, stretch, and relaxation. World traveler, Sensei, Dancer, Yogi, Athlete, Bodybuilding Champion, Reiki Practitioner Renee is a thoughtful and powerful guide to wellness.

For more info and to book this wellness retreat click HERE!

-Wild Wellness Travel

eat clean, live wild, travel well.

Ladera, St. Lucia, West Indies

Looking for a Romantic Paradise?

St. Lucia, West Indies

 A thousand feet below, an intensely blue Caribbean Sea dashes against the volcanic Piton Mountains. Faintly scented tropical breezes cool your skin. Your private plunge pool beckons. Each suite offers fine linens, luxurious amenities and four-poster beds made of polished tropical hardwood. And each, deliberately without a fourth wall, invites the spectacular sunsets and astonishing views right inside, to be a part of your very private, very special retreat.


St. Lucia is a feast for the senses. From its mountains to its flora, and from its food to its people, the island beckons you to explore its lush terrain and to fall in love with its culture. Ladera is pleased to offer you a range of sightseeing activities on and around St. Lucia that will allow you to appreciate the uniqueness of its Caribbean history and the magnificence of its tropical location.

Experience the island on horseback or hiking, sailing or shopping. This hotel is sure to appeal to even the most discerning travelers. 

Ladero suite pool.jpg


Sensual St.Lucia is perfect for secluded getaways. Ladera takes the game of love to a new level.  Ladera’s panoramic locality in between heaven’s two volcanic spires, creates an enchanted romance fit for a St Lucia honeymoon celebration. From the moment you set foot in this St. Lucia romantic resort paradise and of course many magical memories thereafter, you will fall in love all over again with the unspoiled beauty; be pampered by five star service, and savor delectable cuisine. Every bit of your honeymoon will be a unique and romantic adventure.



The Spa at Ladera features indulgent treatments inspired by Saint Lucia's volcanic history and the lush rain forest that surrounds this peaceful retreat. The Spa offers four serene treatment rooms – all in keeping with the same intimate design and scale of Ladera's suites.

Visit the spa for a treatment to ready yourself for the day ahead, or select another to unwind after a day of play. The choice is yours. Enjoy your selected spa treatment in the comfort and privacy of your suite or villa.

Relax pre-treatment or at any time during your stay, in the hot soaking tubs located in the serenity of our spa gardens or take your massage outdoors. This indulgent version of our in-spa massages pampers you outdoors on site of our beautiful Paradise Ridge overlooking the majestic pitons.  Guests may also enjoy the hot tubs in the spa gardens, conveniently located beside the spa.

The trained esthetics staff and massage therapists will provide you with the rest, relaxation and pampering that is their hallmark.



Guests and visitors flock to Dasheene to enjoy the spectacular views and award-winning cuisine. Best known for eclectic and innovative menu items, Dasheene is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a Sunday Brunch offering.

Dasheene sets itself apart by focusing on sustainable cooking sourced from locally harvested ingredients. Executive Chef, Nigel Mitchel's kitchen, is dedicated to serving up fresh native ingredients from island farmers and neighboring plantations that grow their produce primarily for the resort.

Chef Nigel's cooking renders stylish interpretations of traditional St. Lucian dishes, such as sweet potato and coconut soup, Caribbean lamb salad, roast conch with pickled vegetables served in a yam basket, Cajun Creole vegetable bakes, jerk poulet sausage, plantain gratin with coconut rum sauce and more.

The Bar at Dasheene is open from 9am each day. It is a perfect setting for a pre-dinner cocktail or to enjoy a live music show. Part of Dasheene Restaurant, the Bar shares the same unobstructed sea views flanked by St. Lucia's signature twin volcanic Piton peaks.


The Wine Cellar at Dasheene Restaurant is ideal for a private dining experience. Lovers who are looking for the opportunity to propose, can enjoy a special exclusivity to celebrate the occasion. Honeymooners can surprise each other with a very romantic dinner during their stay. Simply relax and allow your private server for the evening to pair your meal with delicious wines for an unforgettable experience.


What is a Wellness Retreat?

In perusing travel blogs, I often read about participants concerned about the weight gained on cruises and all-inclusive vacations.  They arrive home feeling bloated and exhausted.  It occurs to me that the time we take away from our professional life should be an opportunity to release; let go of the everyday stressors and re-connect with our inner selves.

What better way than to take a “wellness” retreat! A retreat offers a place in which one can rest and relax.  They are usually for small, intimate groups that offer nurturing and healing; a place to connect and learn. They create an opportunity to escape and spend a few days unfettered by the demands of daily life. There are as many reasons to attend as there are variations on the theme, with retreats ranging from offering spiritual enlightenment to demanding intensive physical participation.

My focus is to create wellness retreats that fit somewhere in the middle, the perfect composite experience to strengthen but also relax both your body and mind.   Our retreats offer a daily Yoga practice, meditation workshops, and delicious, well-balanced healthy meals specially created by our own culinary expert.  We share our knowledge of health and nutrition and strive to create a rejuvenating adventure that you will want to repeat!


Our participants come for their health, their hearts, and their happiness. To detox, to relax, to learn, or to simply share the experience among kindred spirits. To practice yoga with a renowned practitioner and to eat delicious food cooked with care by a transcendent nutritionist.  They come to jump start a new regime at home and they come to be inspired. They leave with fresh vision and goals, new friends, and a renewed appreciation for the world around them.

This May, our retreat is being held in Tulum, Mexico. We are blessed to be hosting the experience at the Shambala Petite Hotel, an exclusive group of casitas nestled on a Caribbean beach. We have partnered with yoga master Maria Filippone and culinary expert Mikaela Reuben.  Check out the adventure and wander into your wild at

Nutritional Inspiration in Tulum, with Mikaela Reuben.

Wild Wellness Travel welcomes Mikaela Reuben as our resident Culinary Nutritionist and Health Consultant for our upcoming retreat to Tulum, Mexico, May 21st to 28th.  Her expertise is fusing the science of nutrition with the art of healthy eating and food creation, and has been personal chef to celebrities such as Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, and Woody Harrelson. She has molded a career that inspires people to make better health and food decisions by offering nutrition and health coaching through a personalized approach.

Mikaela’s personal approach to daily nutrition is to make good food decisions and aim to have at least two of your daily meals be healthy, EVERYDAY!  She also stresses the importance of getting outside and having quiet time for yourself.  When travelling, her advice is to plan ahead!  Google healthy restaurants and markets and take snacks and nuts in your bag so you can make healthier choices rather than hasty, unhealthy last-minute decisions.

On travelling for wellness, Mikaela believes that travelling somewhere to drink and over indulge doesn't always feel like a vacation as when you get home you feel like you need another vacation to recover!  Travelling for wellness means that you can focus on feeling good so you feel rejuvenated when you return home.  It's wonderful to fully immerse yourself into a wellness vacation when you are trying to make a change in your life at home!  By doing an intensive program it becomes easier to learn more tools which you can use in daily life.  Wellness travel is a great way to create some sustainable and permanent steps in the right direction. 

Mikaela uses her knowledge of the body and of different cultural healing traditions to empower people to live with happiness and health, in balance and harmony with their true self. It’s not just about food and exercise – Mikaela uses human connection to intuitively meet the needs of her clients.

Her philosophy is rooted in bio-diversity; the understanding that each body is unique and thus has a unique path to optimal health. She believes in trying to help people live better and more fulfilled lives, and that happiness starts in the body. Whether it’s in the form of food, love, or experiences, the choice of what we use to fuel ourselves with will affect who we are.

With Mikaela’s guidance and knowledge, we are assured a successful culinary adventure in Tulum!  To find out more about Tulum and the individual programs we have created for you, check out our link:

Check out this wonderful video and learn how to make your own healthy Blackberry Sorbet with Mikaela!

Yoga at Tulum Re:Align Retreat with Maria Filippone

Wild Wellness Travel is very excited to welcome Maria Filippone to the team presenting at our upcoming Tulum retreat, May 21-28th.  Maria has a multi-disciplinary training and her teaching spans over twenty years and has taken her around the globe, shaping her gifts into a synergistic blend of Vinyasa yoga, Pilates, Thai masssage, and Sanskrit chant.


Her classes have been described as a journey where time slows down, where music and breath carry the mind and body into an experience of deep alignment. Maria invites her students to be curious about their practice, and to find the courage to move beyond limitations; her meticulous hands-on adjustments and precise verbal cues invite students to access the grace, ease and power that lies within. Maria's appreciation and love for all of her teachers, her students, community and her beautiful daughter's, expands her heart and grounds her as a teacher.

Maria believes that wellness Vacations allow us to unplug, de-stress & recharge our bodies and minds.  Taking time from our busy schedules at home allows for us to focus on our own well-being while being inspired by the beauty and sound of the surrounding nature.   For Maria, wellness vacations are meaningful experiences with long-lasting positive effects as well as guiding us to simply make better lifestyle choices upon our return home.   

With seven days of retreat at Tulum we have the opportunity to focus our practice and truly benefit from a life-changing event.  We will be focusing on detoxification and re-energizing.  Maria has shared with us five of her top poses for detox and energy.



“To promote detoxification one must first establish healthy breathing patterns (Deep Diaphragmatic Breathing). Yogic Breathing helps to clear out the carbon dioxide from the lung tissue.  The abdominal organs are massaged with every cycle of breath when the diaphragm is moving freely and naturally.   The practice of keeping the mind focused on deep breathing, rather than on the constant chatter of the mind, results in a natural detox of the mind.  You can start your detox with these powerful postures:

1)  Downward Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svansana) - A partial inversion where the head is below the heart. This aids in circulation of blood and lymph. 

2)  Chair Pose with Twist (Parivrtta Utkatasana) - Squeezing & toning the abdominal organs while stimulating liver, spleen & the systems of digestion and elimination. 

3)  Legs Up The Wall (Viparita Karani) - Encourages stimulation of blood and lymph from the feet and legs and is soothing to the nervous system. 

4)  Shoulder Stand (Sarvangasana) - An inversion posture that helps drain accumulated fluid from the legs & upper body. 

5)  Supported Headstand (Salamba Sirsasana) - Improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system by reducing the strain on the heart.  Promotes internal heat while increasing the digestive fire.  Headstands also help to increase the functioning of the endocrine system; pineal and pituitary glands. 



To enhance your flow of energy, practice these five poses:


 1)  Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar) - A wonderful way to awaken the body and encourage the smooth powerful flow of Prana throughout the body.  

2)  Camel Pose (Ustransana) - A heart opening posture that stretches open the front side of the body and encourages the lung to expand. 

3)  Warrior 2 (Virabhadrasana 2) - Leg strengthening & invigorating posture that awakens the Warrior within. 

4)  Side Plank (Vasisthasana) - A whole body strengthening pose that requires tremendous focus of the mind reducing mental stress and increasing our energy levels. 

5)  Chair Pose or Thunderbolt Pose (Utkatasana) - Also known as “Powerful Pose“ engaging the large muscles of the legs and glutes creating fresh new energy in the body while also awakening the spine.”


Join us in Tulum at the Shambala Petite Hotel for an life-changing retreat with our amazing instructor, Maria Fillippone, May 21-28th.  For more information, check out this link 





Shambala Petite Hotel, a Jewel on the Caribbean

Allow all your senses to come alive, in this perfect environment.  Shambala is nestled on the pristine and seemingly endless white beach of the Caribbean, just south of Playa del Carmen.  It is a small and exclusive enclave that forms a U-shaped grouping of casitas open to the ocean.


It is, without doubt, that magical place that you immediately picture in your mind about that perfect beach escape.  Beach loungers dot the edge of the water enticing one to stretch out and relax.  Palm trees gently sway and offer dappled shade to sit and read, but only when the ocean isn’t calling you to refresh.

There are ten casitas to choose from, 9 with private bathrooms and 1 with a shared bathroom.  The ten casitas are all unique, most open out onto the beach, and all of them are made with love.  Warm, soft breezes gently stir the air with the rich aromas of the ocean and flowers.


The food is fresh and local with cooking lessons available.  Nourishment for the body as well as the soul.  A group dining room encourages new friendships and shared experiences.

The Yoga Studio is located within steps from the Turquoise waters of the Caribbean Ocean, which is revered as the best beach in Mexico. 


Tulum itself is an archaeological treat, a wonder for all who are interested in the architecture of ancient civilizations or fascinated by history.

Come, experience an amazing adventure, away from the everyday to where dreams exist! May 21-28, 2016  


Balancing Act

Life is about balance. That old saying, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, has true merit in today’s world.  It often seems as if the world is spinning by and we are just trying to hang on!  Somehow, we have come to see ourselves as super-people.  We have to be good at everything; from our families to our careers, our social life, our fitness – all of it.  If we don’t at excel at something, it feels as if we are falling behind. 

According to a new Pew Research Center study, more than half of working parents find it hard to balance work and family, and women are struggling more than men.  As we are usually the mainstay of the home, it falls on us to create meal plans, organize the social events, schedule the comings and goings of all family members, etc. When do we find the time four ourselves?

It isn’t just carving out an hour several times a day to go to the gym; it is the time it takes to make meal plans, organize a pantry, shop, and create healthy recipes that every family member will enjoy.  I get exhausted just thinking about it!  Today’s mother is a super-hero!

This is where I come in! The search for that balance has been one of the many reasons that clients come to me.  They are looking for help in creating balance in their lives.  How do you find the time to research all the variables in creating a healthy life path? You don’t have to; I have already done it for you. With some guidance and support, you can create balance in your world, feel less stressed, and enjoy the ride you’ve embarked on!  Check out the programs we have available for you at  We can’t wait to get started!




Benefits of daily meditation

For the last 2 months I have challenged myself to meditate EVERY DAMN DAY! 

I must admit, I did not begin meditating 2 months ago, however my practice fell away when I went through a big change and moved cities, changed jobs and began my own company. I started to feel out of touch and disconnected and I knew exactly what needed to change. 

The results from being diligent and creating space for this habit for has transformed my life in a very short amount of time. Suddenly I have time in my day. By making time, I created more time. My actions are more efficient, my mind is clear, I smile more. Days that used to fly by with distractions and hours wasted being unproductive have now disappeared. I am more mindful with the foods that I eat, the conversations that I have and the people that I spend my time with. 

There are some useful podcast and apps that can help you to learn how to meditate. I started with the "Breathe" app. This app is great one, because it free! It also helps you to track your progress daily, gives you an option to check in with yourself and even suggests meditations for you for that day. 

If you want to enroll in a subscription the Headspace app is truly wonderful. It walks you through step by step and truly encourages your success in learning how to meditate. It even sends you push notifications on your phone to remind you to set time aside each day. 

I also enjoy guided podcasts Hay House. There is a diverse selection of many different and well known speakers. 

I recommend guided meditation to start as it helps to train your mind on how to sit still and clear your head. By practicing daily you will soon not need to be guided with every meditation. You will grow and develop the skills to be able to clear your mind, be still and bask in the calm. 

Finally! Support for those going Gluten Free at 50% off

Did you know a gluten free lifestyle is full of delicious goodies, fun, mouth watering recipes and endless restaurant options? After years of experience helping clients navigate through food allergies, I've finally created a lifestyle guide to help those living with celiac disease and gluten intolerance.

From mouth watering recipes and weekly online support to a comprehensive list of gluten free supermarket items, sauces, alcohols and skincare, this Gluten Free Guide gives you everything you need to live a happy, healthy gluten free life.

The Gluten Free Guide created for you

This innovative, helpful product includes everything to do with gluten free living, and starts by explaining how this tiny protein affects your digestion and carries on all the way through to give you a comprehensive list of gluten free recipes and supermarket items. My Gluten Free guide is designed for you and completely personalised. It's is a 9-Week program that comes with full online coaching and support so you're never alone during your journey towards living gluten free.

Gluten Free living made easy

A gluten free lifestyle can be easy, but most people find it hard to know where to start. My Gluten Free guide starts from where you are now: What foods you eat and how they make you feel. I explain why gluten can make you feel fatigued and sluggish, and how it causes dry skin, poor healing and, of course, an upset tummy.

Deciding to start eating gluten free is a simple decision for people with gluten intolerance, but maintaining it can be tricky. With this guide, you receive weekly support, detailed explanations and countless resources to help guide you toward a happy, exciting gluten free lifestyle.


Health coaching support for your gluten free journey

When you purchase my Gluten Free Guide, I'm here for you every step of the way. As a Health Coach, I work directly with you to answer your questions and help you find your way as your navigate the world of gluten free goodies. If you're not sure what to ask, each week has a discussion section at the end to help facilitate our weekly sessions. In it, I ask things like "What was the last thing you ate that made you feel sick?" and "are you finding it easy to find gluten free products in the supermarket?"


Don't feel left out - get much needed guidance

Feeling like you're missing out on the best food in life is a common problem for those living without gluten. That's why I'm here to help. Armed with this Gluten Free Guide and my weekly support, you can live an energised life full of delicious food, heavenly soft baked goods and mouth watering meals. I give you a full list of gluten free alcohols, ingredients, skincare, and prepackaged supermarket items plus pages of healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes.

Gluten Free living is simplified with this exciting new Gluten Free Guide. Start living your best, most energised life, free from gluten, by contacting me now!

Holly-Day Detox – 1-Day Cleanse for Holiday Indulgence

Holly-Day Detox – 1-Day Cleanse for Holiday Indulgence

We all tend to overindulge during the holidays. That's why I put together a list for my Holly-Day Detox! It's my 1-day detox plan to get rid of toxins, clear out the bad stuff and bring in the good stuff. If you've celebrated a little too much this month, click here to get a quick detox plan to rejuvenate and get your energy back.

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Holiday Baking – 4 Recipes for Gluten-Free Goodies

Holiday Baking – 4 Recipes for Gluten-Free Goodies

The holiday season can be a nightmare for those who are gluten-intolerant, as baked goods & sweets seem to pop up around every corner. But, never fear! Even gluten-free conscious eaters can still enjoy holiday treats. After 15 years of trial, error, learning and tasting, I have come up with the 4 delicious recipes for gluten-free holiday goodies! Click here to read get my recipes now. 

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Gluten-Free Recipes for Thanksgiving Dinner

Gluten-Free Recipes for Thanksgiving Dinner

Here it is—the double whammy turkey dinner season! The holidays are upon us and nothing beats a great turkey dinner, complete with stuffing and gravy. Whether you are gluten-free yourself, or hosting a guest who is gluten-free this Thanksgiving, here are 2 gluten-free recipes to add to your holiday menu.

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Canyon Ranch injects fun and innovation into your health

Personalised life-changing health journeys

Canyon Ranch needs no introduction; the health and wellness brand has been lorded over in films and TV for many years. What many people don’t know though, is the brand’s whole-hearted commitment to offering guests a truly meaningful, effective and life-changing health journey. Choose from individual spa treatments or fabulous customized spa packages that include sublime massages, body treatments and facials. Jumpstart your fitness program, fortify your spirituality, try the high ropes course, take a healthy cooking class, hike a woodland trail, go mountain biking, or just sit back and relax.

The Canyon Ranch Story

You can expect genuine authenticity from this world famous brand. Founder Mel Zuckerman was frustrated with constant weight struggles, so in 1978 he checked himself into an overweight camp, and after just 10 days of physical training and healthy eating, he was overwhelmed by how much better, happier and healthier he felt. The very next year, he and his wife Enid opened the first Canyon Ranch destination resort spa in Tucson, Arizona. Whatever your story, Canyon Ranch has a program to fit your needs, just as Mel found a program to suit his.

Tucson Canyon Ranch

Healthy lifestyle and weight management

Expert chefs create sumptuous healthy dishes to inspire you as you embark on your wellness journey. It’s not just about eating though, Canyon Ranch helps guests understand the power of food, and its ability to optimise your energy. Consultations with open-minded nutritionists help you understand how you eat, and give you effective, useful strategies to help you eat to optimise health.

Canyon Ranch SPA means Special Personalised Adventure

Far from a traditional spa adventure, Canyon Ranch is known as the world leaders in spa wellness thanks to their ability to offer customised spa treatments. Expert Program Advisors help you enjoy your very own personal experience suited to your interests, pleasures and wellness goals. They’ll help you plan you luxurious SPA adventure, whether you’re at the breathtaking 100,000 square foot spa complex, at the Canyon Ranch SpaClub aboard a cruise liner, or planning on heading to the new Kaplankaya spa in Turkey that opens in 2016.

A truly holistic world of health and wellness

Holistic wellness is an understatement when it comes to Canyon Ranch’s health offerings. At these inspiring wellness destinations, you’ll find the support you’ve always needed; respectful, collaborative and integrative medical professionals who utilise knowledge of both Western science and effective alternative therapies. Canyon Ranch offers you a rare opportunity to enjoy 50 uninterrupted minutes with a physician to help you achieve your health goals. Whether you need to lose weight or you need help with other concerns such as bone density, functional medicine, menopause, sexuality, health heart or ways to optimise your aging, Canyon Ranch goes above and beyond wellness to provide effective, respectful health services. 

A truly inspiring, effective and innovative brand for health and wellness, Canyon Ranch bring fun, freshness and vitality into your life with their programs. With clever partnerships including the linen Canyon Ranch Collection by Frontgate, Canyon Ranch wants you to experience lasting, meaningful change in your life long after you’ve left their stunning spas. 

To experience Canyon Ranch, you can indulge in a spa treatment, a weekend or week away, or experience one of their upcoming, life changing events listed below.

Renew Your Spirit: Nov 1-8th 2015
Nourish your spirit with this inspiring week. Let Canyon Ranch experts take you on a spiritual journey perfect for people of all faiths eager to optimise their wellbeing. This eye opening experience takes place in our beautiful, retreat-like Life Enhancement Center® and is never to be missed.

Living with Joy: The Science and Skill of Happiness
November 11, 2015 to November 14, 2015

What does it mean to live a truly joyful life? How do we find and embrace happiness during our personal and professional journeys? Gary Frost, PhD, and author Doug Smith, lead an exploration of Positive Psychology, which offers intriguing ways to consider these important questions, with particular focus on the aging process and the impact of happiness on longevity and quality of life

Gotta Dance Week!
November 29, 2015 to December 3, 2015

One of the most popular events at Canyon Ranch, Gotta Dance Week is a fun, joyful way to rejuvenate your body and mind. No experience is necessary as fitness staff and visiting professionals inspire you with classes of hip hop, ballet, jazz, Bollywood, Broadway routines and much more. You can even get onstage for the grand finale – a guest performance that knocks the socks off the audience every time.

If you’ve never been to Canyon Ranch before, you’ve been invited to enjoy a special offer of 20% off for a minimum 4-night stay. 

Now through December 23, 2015
January 1 - February 29, 2016
April 1 - December 23, 2016

Now through December 23, 2015
January 1 - December 23, 2016

Wild West Coast Escape

I had the privilege recently of attending the Wickaninnish Inn at Chesterman Beach on the wild, west coast of Vancouver Island.  It brings a whole new meaning to the term “wild”.  Located in the Pacific Rim Rain Forest with miles of sandy beaches and rugged coves, there is something magical and spiritual about the land.

wick resort.jpg

This amazing inn of rustic elegance perched on the edge of the Pacific Ocean is the perfect place to rejuvenate, relax and refresh. Whether you are looking for an active adventure, a romantic getaway, natural elements, or simply a place to unwind, Wild Wellness Travel will create a getaway tailored to your needs.

The West Coast of Vancouver Island is remote yet accessible and of course unspoiled, pristine and yours to discover. From extreme to extremely laid back, there are activities here for everyone during every season. Other than a camera, all you really need to bring is a relaxed state of mind and a sense of discovery! 

Storm Watching


Did I mention it can get stormy here? With nothing between the inn and Japan, you can imagine the spectacular shows that Mother Nature puts on from November through February. Whether you take it in from your fireplace-warmed suite or don a rain slicker and take your experience to the beach, this is the most incredible introduction to the wild, west coast.


Ancient Cedars Spa

Time to cleanse your body and soul - and enjoy some “me” time at Ancient Cedars Spa.  Nestled into the Ocean level of the Pointe building, the Spa is sheltered by the forest fringe, adjacent to the wave dashed-rocks looking out to the open Pacific. Here, our spa practitioners and estheticians provide a journey into a sense of well-being, with an emphasis on relaxation and rejuvenation, inspired by our natural surroundings. Wake up and loosen up with a  Hatha yoga session in our beautiful Rainforest Haven room. Classes are semi private (maximum five participants) - designed for all skill levels - so individual attention is guaranteed. Indulge in a relaxing eucalyptus steam in the newly renovated steam cave prior to your one-hour treatment.



Gourmet Getaway

wick cuisine.jpg

Experience the culinary magic of The Pointe Restaurant's kitchen brigade. . It is one of Tofino's top restaurants and a must-go-to Vancouver Island dining destination. With over 240 degrees of Pacific Ocean viewscape welcoming your arrival, it may take a few moments to focus on the menu. Bring your appetite and prepare to be spoiled!  Or enjoy “Forage & Feast”, and learn where your food on Vancouver Island's West Coast comes from in any season with this delicious (and educational) package featuring dinners, guided nature walks and botanical gardens!

wick dining.jpg

ROMANTIC getaways


"I Do" Elopement Package

A package created for two - Exchange or renew your vows intimately amidst the timeless beauty of the rugged west coast. Simplify your planning, and let us coordinate the details so the two of you can enjoy this special day worry-free.



If you want to just relax and wind down, your idea of "activity" might be to pull up your balcony chair and listen to the intoxicating symphony of our omnipresent surf.

And that's OK! But no matter what the season, there is always a multitude of things you can do in and around the Wickaninnish Inn and Tofino.

·       Bear Watching

·       Birding

·       Cultural tours

·       Fishing

·       Hot Springs Cove

·       Kayaking

·       Nature and Hiking Trails

·       Stand-up Paddle Boarding

·       Surfing

·       Whale watching


Wild Wellness Travel would be honoured to create an amazing West Coast adventure for you.  Contact