The inside scoop // What it's really like at Wild Immersion 200hr YTT

By Sally Rubin @sallyrubin

The number one question you’re probably asking if you’re considering a yoga teacher training is ‘what do my days look like?’. And you’re not alone! Most people are curious about what goes on during the transformational experience of a YTT from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed, what type of free time you’ll have, what you’ll learn and even what types of food you’ll be eating. Not to worry, we’ve got all the answers and details and we’re stoked to share them with you so that you can feel at ease with the exciting unknown of diving into your first 200hr YTT. Read on to get walked through a typical day in the paradise that is Wild Immersion.



Each morning at 6:30am there will be tea, coffee, fresh juice and an assortment of fruit to snack on before morning practice. This is totally optional and you are more than welcome to sleep in a little longer, get on your mat early to sit in meditation or do your own practice before morning class starts.


Morning yoga starts at 7:30am on our beautiful yoga deck overlooking the jungle. Practice will be a 2 hour, energetic vinyasa class. This will be a great opportunity to deepen your practice, gain an understanding of how to teach to all levels and how to sequence and play with various themes. Peak poses, modifications, pranayama, meditation, and the sweetest savasana always included.

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A full breakfast will be served buffet style at 9:30am, post morning practice-always vegetarian and always with specific dietary requirements in mind. You can choose however you’d like to spend your time from morning practice until first lecture of the day at 11:00am. You could study, lounge by the pool, wander down to the beach or take a nap-whatever you need!

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11:00-1:00pm is anatomy or philosophy lecture. We will cover everything you need to know about the anatomy of the body and how to apply this knowledge to the yoga practice-especially how to keep people safe and deal with common injuries. Philosophy lectures will cover everything from the chakras, the Dosha's found in ayurveda, yogic texts and scriptures and all of the juicy interesting bits in between.


After all that learning you'll be treated to a delicious lunch at 1pm. As with all meals, lunch will be buffet style, vegetarian or tailored to your specific dietary needs.


3pm is your second lecture of the day-this is the really fun part! We will break down asanas, learn proper alignment, modifications, how to sequence and practice teaching.



There will be a break between the second lecture and evening yoga to grab a snack, a walk, a little alone time or whatever you need before settling back onto our yoga deck for a 1.5 hour Yin or Restorative practice. These evening classes will be the perfect way to round out your knowledge of various styles of yoga as well as a sweet way to wind down after all your hard work. Post blissful evening practice will be dinner around 7pm. Float off to bed after dinner, lounge around the common areas for deep talks or have a stroll on the beach.

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There you have it-the day to days of Wild Immersion are no longer a secret, you know exactly what to expect during your 200hr YTT! Of course there will be one day off a week where you get to choose exactly what you'd like to do all day long, plus a couple of sweet surprises we've got in store for you...but a little mystery never hurt anyone. We can't wait to watch you grow, hold space for you as you transform your life and your yoga practice, and hand you a certificate at the end of it all commemorating all of your hard work and signifying just how far you've come.