Discover Your Ritual - 90 Days to Freedom

Learn the skills and techniques needed in order to create a daily ritual that allows creativity to flow, promotes a full night’s sleep, manifests your dreams, nourishes your body and puts you in the right vibration to attract your best life.


Say YES to: 

  • More energy

  • Better sleep

  • Resilience to stress and anxiety

  • A permanently healthy weight

  • A well rounded nutrition base that fuels and uplifts

  • Understand how to practice Self Love each and everyday

  • A life of empowerment


Over the 90 day program you will:

  • Set and accomplish goals related to food, exercise, weight, and mindset.

  • Explore and navigate through a clean and whole foods diet tailored to your needs and goals, equipped with meal plans, food samples and recipes.

  • Understand and reduce cravings for sugar, caffeine, alcohol and processed foods.

  • Create a daily routine for movement and exercise that is fun and motivating.

  • Improve your most cherished relationships through clear communication and heightened mindfulness.

  • Feel an increase in energy and endurance. Get ready for a new zest for life!

  • Feel divine in your body.

  • Hone in on your intuition as to what ignites your body and mind.

  • Develop a rhythm for radical self care that makes you want to sing!

  • Experience all of these shifts in a way that is comfortable and gradual, in order to insure lasting meaningful transformation in your life. 


Your personalized program includes:

  • Six bi-weekly 1 hour one on one sessions with Cait

  • Unlimited text and email support between sessions

  • Tools to manage your thoughts, emotions and behaviors through REBT principles

  • Mindset tools to incorporate into your daily routine

  • At home movement/workout plan

  • Personalize daily ritual practice

  • Feeling joy and happiness at a deeper level

  • Handouts, books, recommended readings, podcasts, meditations and MORE!

  • Free download of Wild Wellness Travel's seasonal detox to jumpstart your wellness journey

  • Front row access and discounts to upcoming retreats, teacher trainings and events run by Wild Wellness Travel/Wanderwell


Information + Action = TRANSFORMATION.

At the completion of the program, you will be in control of your life! You will know what you need in order to thrive, as well as what no longer serves you.




She consistently provides a new sense of freedom and is an inspiration!

“I absolutely love Cait! She embodies a spirit of intense generosity - focused deeply on providing authentic unmatched experiences. Whether she is developing programming, creating a retreat, offering coaching session, or hosting an event she gives deeply to the people in her world. There are no words to explain how happy I am that I was given the the opportunity to work with her. She consistently provides a new sense of freedom and is an inspiration!”

— Sarah Ann Stewart, Holistically Slim