Ziva Meditation Retreat DATES: October 19-22nd, 2016 $3,143.60 Double occupancy (shared room) $3,625.30 Single occupancy

You are invited to unplug and dive into a renewal for your body and mind. On this retreat, Emily Fletcher, founder of Ziva Meditation, will teach you a simple, powerful practice. Rooted in ancient traditions, re-imagined for high-performers of today, this style of meditation requires no effort, no focused concentration, and no attempting to “clear the mind.” It de-excites the nervous system in a way that gives the body rest that is even deeper than sleep, so you feel more awake afterwards and have less stress in your body. Emily’s students experience deeper, more refreshing sleep and more energy and joy during the day. Many others notice that their anxiety goes away, which leads to better relationships – and even better sex! After you learn you’ll be a self-sufficient meditator, with this powerful practice to take with you wherever you go. No apps, gongs, or finger cymbals required.


Amie Valpone - Eating Clean: Detox, Fight Inflammation, Reset Your Body DATES: November 6-9, 2016 at the Four Seasons Resort Rancho Encantado Santa Fe

Join Amie Valpone, HHC, AAPD, celebrity chef, founder of TheHealthyApple.com and author of the best-selling cookbook, Eating Clean: The 21-Day Plan to Detox, Fight Inflammation, and Reset Your Body, as she discuses her detox journey of healing from 10 years of chronic illness- including Lyme disease, PCOS, Hypothyroidism and even being given 24-hours to live with C-diff colitis. Amy will share techniques on how to eat clean and fight inflammation starting with your food through cooking demos and interactive talks about how to live clean while detoxing on a daily basis. Amie is living proof that when you see how delicious and amazing life feels this way, you’ll never got back to your old ways again.


Alyson Charles - Mind & Body Power Healing with Rockstar Shaman DATES: July 28- August 1, 2016 at the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai, Hawaii

At the Mind Body Power Healing retreat with Rockstar Shaman Alyson Charles, you will immerse in a magic of both the powerfully potent healing energies of the land and the vast spiritual and healing connection of Alyson. You will experience liberation from old fears, blocks and energetic stagnation and return to a balance and peace as you powerfully shift into your wholeness, remembrance of what you’re here to do and a reconnection to the place within that allows you to fully thrive. This retreat will help you experience enriched relationships to self and others and reignite your abilities to bring forth what you want in life! You will leave with an amplified and massively uplifted energy, clarity and tools to carry forth in daily practice. Give yourself permission to bust through to the area of living that provides miracles far beyond what you ever thought possible.


Dr. Nikki Starr - One Love Retreat DATES: August 7-11, 2016 at the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai, Hawaii

ur planet is evolving back to Nature. This retreat is about Oneness and your connection to all that is your connection with yourself, others, the cosmos and the Earth. As we deepen our connection with ourselves, we can connect more deeply with others. When we know peace in our being we can know peace on Earth and live in harmony with the Earth. We are made of the same particles as star stuff and every molecule of our being comes directly from the Earth, our mother. The air we breathe is created by the trees and the water we use pours out to sea. We play a vital role in the future happening of Earth. When we choose to live mindfully, knowing every decision we make impacts the Earth, we can restore order and balance on this beautiful planet. This retreat will deepen your connection with your heart, the Earth, all beings and things and open you up to the more of all that is. You’ll leave full of love and inspired to create your heaven on Earth


Millana Snow Co-founder SERENE - A Journey Within Retreat DATES: August 14-18th, 2016 at the Four Seasons Restor Hualalai, Hawaii

Millana is passionate about expansion and authentic connection. As a Reiki healer, meditation guide, and co-founder of international wellness company SERENE, she pushes the boundaries of wellness and spirituality, making it fun yet deep and provocative. Through both modern and ancient tools, she will change and expand your life, by guiding and empowering you to go within and meet your own greatest teacher, YOU. In this transformational retreat, you will learn to go deeper within through daily mediation, mindful practices, energy healing and silence. No matter where you are on your path to wellness and consciousness, Millana will work with you individually and as a group to experience your own best meditation and mindfulness practices to reach a deeper and more profound life experience everyday. For meditation beginners to experienced practitioners.


Nikki Sharp and Fern Langham - Total Wellness Made Sexy DATES: August 21-25, 2016 at the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai, Hawaii

Are you looking to create space and transform your life? Find inspiration in food, culture and in-depth workshops? Then you are you on the right track and exhibiting good self-care. Get back on track and learn new techniques to live a happier fuller life with these Nikki Sharp and Fern Langham. This retreat is about creating a good, nurturing energy and community and learning about all facets of life (knowledge = power), creating connections, enhancing relationships, as well as diving deep into food, fitness, yoga, and meditation. Learn about these amazing women and their own personal journeys on achieving a better life and develop tools to take home new techniques to use in your every day lives. Create the life you want to live with a program complete with fitness, yoga, meditation, improving relationships with friends, family an significant others. Change your relationship with food and your body, and learn to deal with stress and unhappiness in life.